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What is sales enablement?

43% of sales reps only have a lead’s contact information before they reach out. Give your Sales execs the additional insight they need to advise buyers at the right moment, and build trusted relationships.

By aligning Inbound Marketing and Sales teams, Inbound sales execs benefit from access to marketing data and business intelligence (BI). As a result, each exec knows every prospect’s context (buying stage, challenges, interaction history ), so can hold more productive conversations.

Give sales teams insight to address the prospect challenges at the appropriate buying stages

Build trusted lead relationships by positioning execs as trusted advisors

88% of missed opportunities are caused because sales can’t leverage internal resources. Make sure your sales teams are prepared. (Source: HubSpot Sales Blog)

Hold more productive conversations by understanding leads’ buying context

What is inbound sales?

Transform selling to match how modern buyers purchase

60% of deals get stuck in traditional sales processes. No matter how effective Inbound Marketing’s lead generation efforts are, they will go to waste if sales processes are not equally aligned to match how modern buyers purchase.

Nurture and advise buyers - stop interrupting

Rather than interrupting with ineffective outbound techniques, Inbound Sales works to advise buyers at the right moment; addressing their challenges at the appropriate Buyer’s Journey state to nurture leads to customers.

Prioritise the buyer’s needs first

Unlike traditional legacy or outbound sales, Inbound sales does not solely focus on company’s solutions. Instead, Inbound sales prioritises the needs of the buyer, and is the process of helping a marketing or sales qualified lead (MQL or SQL/ ‘good-fit’ prospect) through the conversion funnel.

Move leads through the sales funnel faster and more efficiently

By aligning with Inbound marketing activity, the leads Inbound sales teams receive should already be high-quality, good-fit, and persona relevant.

However, as 63% of people requesting information from your company today will not purchase for at least three months (20% will take 12 months+ to buy), an Inbound sales process incorporates multiple lead qualification stages to nurture only the most relevant active buyers to customers.

Prospects entering the database are leads. They must be reviewed to ensure they are a good-fit

Good-fit opportunities are Marketing Qualified Leads. Sales execs should use marketing BI to connect and explore lead challenges further

Leads who remain a good fit can be considered as Sales Qualified, and nurtured to sale

Inbound sales teams continue to nurture customer relationships to reduce churn

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