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A personal approach to client relationships
for better campaign results

At Strategic, we adopt a range of technologies to bring you the immediate insight, access and communication you need for always-there, personalised support.

Typical challenges when working with an agency

Do you dread having to read a weekly report from your agency? Is it hard to keep your internal stakeholders updated? You’re not alone. We know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed - our processes are designed to prevent common agency collaboration challenges.

Cumbersome and long-winded campaign reports that no-one reads or has time to digest

The need to answer internal campaign performance questions on demand

Difficulty keeping all stakeholders informed of progress at all times

Campaign insights and critical nuances missed

What to expect when working with Strategic

Our processes are designed to make your sales and marketing as straightforward as possible. By adopting a range of leading technologies, we can provide the support your unique campaign needs at every stage.

  • Dedicated Client KPI Datawall on screen in our office at all times
  • Slack access to keep all stakeholders in the loop at all times
  • Onsite staff member day
  • Video communication and reports to save time
  • High quality, easy video conferences to keep all communications clear

The benefits of our approach

  • Save time
  • No more long winded campaign reports
  • Get access to real-time data reports live in your own office
  • Immediate answers to campaign performance questions
  • Easy collaboration and centralised document repository

Dedicated Client KPI Datawall

What if you had a clear, easy view of all your campaign data, at all times?

Hosted in both the Strategic office and your own, our client KPI Datawalls give real-time insight into progress at a granular level.

  • Always-there, clear insight into campaign KPIs and goals
  • Live data, aggregated from on and offline campaign sources
  • No more long-winded campaign reports
  • Keeps objectives and performance front of mind at all times
  • Get access to your real-time Datawall in your own office

Client Slack Channel

Stay ahead of campaign updates and save your email inbox with access to a dedicated slack channel.

Remain a part of the conversation with support from your account manager right at your fingertips.

  • Keep all client and agency stakeholders in the loop
  • Perfect for those quick questions that don’t warrant a call
  • Central repository for campaign files and documents
  • Easy access to your whole agency team

Onsite staff member day

Sometimes there’s no substitute for face-to-face working. We dedicate one day per month for one of our team to join you, either on-site, or at the Strategic offices.

  • Ensure your agency team feels like part of your in-house team
  • Collaborate from your own office - or at Strategic
  • Enhanced collaboration and process
  • Great for campaign sign off sessions and reviews

When you’re too busy to make a meeting or call

Don’t have time for meeting or call? No problem. Our processes ensure that campaigns still progress as planned.

  • Get a summary video report of the week’s activities and performance
  • Updates posted to your Slack channel for stakeholder review
  • Provides clear context, ensures activities stay on-track
  • Reduces email volume and keeps everyone in the loop

We love Zoom!

Fed up with calls that are poor-quality, hard-to-hear and hard to connect to? So are we. That’s why we use Zoom to ensure easy, quality calls between your team and ours.

  • Quick and easy access to meetings and conference calls
  • HD cameras to keep calls personal
  • Superior audio quality
  • Collaborative, fast and reliable

What our clients think

We specialise in helping some of the worlds largest B2B enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical companies increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines - with a day-to-day process that suits their internal needs and requirements.

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Make Your Marketing Simpler

Our processes are designed to provide the support you want, to achieve the results you need.

We recognise that no two clients or companies are the same - we’re here to help in whatever way suits your requirement.

If you‘d like to learn more about how we can help make your marketing simpler, just book a time below and we’ll be happy to discuss.